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  • 75W-90 synth in the rear diff and got some chatter when accelerating out of a corner. Changed to Quaker State (i.e. Shell) 75W-140 synth and the chatter was gone. I use Lucas 75W-90 synth in the front diff and T-case because it stinks less than the other brands. Used the same in my Subaru's front and rear diffs.
Posted By: andrewsmark6 on 03/15/11 04:21pm Our Chevy 1/2T is nearing 60k miles, with about 50% of the miles pulling our 5th wheel. I changed the front & rear diff. fluids around 50k using 75W-90 synthetic in the rear and 80W-90 standard up front (per owners manual).

according to the amsoil site the severe gear 75-110 oil "provides superior performance and replaces competitors’ 75W-110, 75W- 90 and 80W-90 gear oils. It delivers better viscosity protection than SEVERE GEAR 75W-90 and better fuel efficiency than SEVERE GEAR 75W-140."

Hodnocení produktu: 96% 96% (Perfektní) 112 recenzí. 75W-90, převodová, 1 l, syntetická Castrol Syntrans Transaxle 75W-90 je syntetický převodový olej s vylepšenými vysokotlakými přísadami (EP) v porovnání s konvenčními převodovými oleji GL-4.
  • Aquasol 80 80W Solar Panel Regular Price: R 1,118.00 Special Price Excl. Tax: R 614.78 Incl. Tax: R 707.00
  • Type of Differential Oil: GL-5 80W-90 Capacity of Front Differential Oil: 240ml Capacity of Rear Differential Oil: 250ml Spark Plug (NGK): DR8EA Valve Clearness (Intake): 0.08-0.12 Valve Clearness (Exhaust): 0.12-0.16 Fuel pressure in PSI = 43 PSI
  • Jan 23, 2012 · The 80w-90 shouldn't be a problem, but it should be synthetic. If you don't think too good, don't think too much: Ted Williams 18889 miles 2017 GMC Canyon SLT 4x4 3.6L V6

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    80W-90 85W-90 90 Principal; Mercedes-Benz Genuine Rear Axle Oil MB 235.0 : x: x: Daimler Truck AG, Stuttgart/Deutschland: ARAL Getriebeöl Hyp SAE 85W-90 : x : Aral Aktiengesellschaft, Hamburg/Deutschland: ASTRIS TENAX 80W90 : x : Astris S.A., GIORNICO/Schweiz: AVIATICON Finkogear Super 80W-90 : x : Finke Mineralölwerk GmbH, Visselhövede ...

    Posted By: andrewsmark6 on 03/15/11 04:21pm Our Chevy 1/2T is nearing 60k miles, with about 50% of the miles pulling our 5th wheel. I changed the front & rear diff. fluids around 50k using 75W-90 synthetic in the rear and 80W-90 standard up front (per owners manual).

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    Satisfies the gear oil viscosity requirements of 75W90, 80W90, 90 and motor oil viscosities of SAE 40, 10W40 and 15W40 ; Recommended for GL-1, GL-3 and GL-4 applications, as well as where most special synchromesh fluids are specified

    Mystik® JT-7® Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricant, SAE 80W-90 Section 6. Accidental release measures Stop leak if without risk. Move containers from spill area. Approach release from upwind. Prevent entry into sewers, water courses, basements or confined areas. Wash spillages into an effluent treatment plant or proceed as follows. Contain and collect

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    TRAXON XL Synthetic Blend – 80W-140. Provides shear stability for retention of viscosity to help protect equipment against metal-to-metal wear; Resists degradation and sludging versus GL-5 85W-140 oils; Better torque and efficiency vs. mineral-based GL-5 85W-140 oils

    Jun 02, 2012 · Viscosity of such gear oils is specified at both high and low temperature. These oils are called multigrades and they are designated by two numbers and the letter “W” (SAE 75W-90, SAE 80W-90, SAE 85W-140 etc.). The first number of the designation specify the oil viscosity at cold temperature, the second number specifies the oil viscosity at ...

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    شرکت روغن صنعت آروشا مرکز فروش روغن صنعتی ، گریس ، مواد شیمیایی می باشد. خدمات ما شامل فروش روغن مویبل لوب اچ دی 80W-90 , خرید روغن مویبل لوب اچ دی 80W-90 , فروش روغن مویبل لوب اچ دی 80W-90 , قیمت روغن مویبل لوب اچ دی 80W-90 , روغن دنده ...

    75w-140 Severe Gear (SVO) GL-4 Gear Lube 75W-90 Gear Oil (MTG) Semi Truck. Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube 75W-90 Semi-Truck Gear Lube (FGR) 80W-140 Semi-Truck Gear Lube (FGO) Racing & Off Road. High Film Strength Gear Lubes SAE 190 Severe Gear Racing (SRN) SAE 250 Severe Gear Racing (SRT) Marine Gear Oil. Synthetic Marine Gear Lube 75W/80W-90 (AGM)

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    Transmisinių alyvų klasifikacijos indeksų galimi variantai: SAE 70W, SAE 75W, SAE 80W, SAE 85W, SAE 90, SAE 140, SAE 250 arba SAE 75W-80, SAE 75W-90, SAE 75W-140, SAE 80W-90, SAE 80W-140, SAE 85W-90. Ką reiškia „EP“ raidės? „EP“ reiškia ekstremalų slėgį ir yra siejama su priedu, naudojamu pavarų alyvose.

    When I change the GPU performance mode from medium to high it briefly goes to 90 watts for a few seconds before dropping back down to 80. This doesn't seem like a software issue. Compare the GPU-z info for a 80w vs a 90w 2080 max q. Notice how my screenshot in the OP matches up perfectly with the specs of the 80w 2080?

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    Lucas 80W-90 Gear Oil is a technical blend of oils and additives designed to give oil longer life and extend gear box and differential life. Includes: Blends with other gear oils even synthetic

    For full replacement use SAE 140 or SAE 85W-140 gear oil with an API rating of GL-4 only. We have also found that 80W-90 oil with an API rating of GL-1 is acceptable for both partial and full replacement of tiller gear oils. We have 80W-90 lubricant available (12 quart case) at our Online Parts Store as part number 737-04040.

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    I run 80w-90 almost everywhere with 2 exceptions. My FJ40 gets 85w-140 in the gearbox. It's quieter and shifts just fine. It gets such poor fuel economy, that I wouldn't notice if it was worse. In my 80 series, I run Mobil1 75w-90 in the transfer case.

    Ipigerol EP 80W GL-4. Spirax G. GL-4 90. Spirax G. GL-4 140. Spirax G 80W GL-4. Universal EPAPI. GL-4 SAE 90. Universal EPAPI. GL-4 SAE 140. Universal EPAPI. GL-4 SAE 80W. Lubrax TRM-5 API. Esso Gear Oil Mobilube HD 90 API. Spirax A. Multigear EP API. Hipoidal YPF 90 Maxtron 90 Ipirgerol SP 90 GL-5 W 90/M TRD 90. GL-5 SAE 90. GX 90. GL-5. GL-5 ...

Intel Xeon Processor E5520 QC 2.26 GHz, 80W, 8M cache, 5.86GT/s QPI, DDR3 1066 MHz, HT, Turbo Intel Xeon Processor E5506 QC 2.13 GHz, 80W, 4M cache, 4.80GT/s QPI, DDR3 800 MHz Intel Xeon Processor E5504 QC 2.00 GHz, 80W, 4M cache, 4.80GT/s QPI, DDR3 800 MHz
75W-140, 80W-90, 85W-140 120,000 miles [193,000 Km] or 1 years 60,000 miles [96,500 Km] or 1 year Medium-Duty Synthetic or Mineral Lubricant Specification SAE Viscosity Grade Change Interval for Line Haul* Change Interval for Vocational* Synthetic SHAES-256 Rev C SAE 75W-90 250,000 miles [400,000 Km] or 5 years N/A Synthetic SHAES-429 SAE 75W ...
Order Gear Oil - 80W-90 for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35.00+.
plug with Phillips SMP 80W-90, Mobil HD 80W-90, Shell Spirax HD 80W-90, or CITGO MP 80W-90 gear oil only. 4. Inspect frame and surrounding struc-ture for cracks or deformation. 5. Gear wear can be estimated by rock-ing the drum back and forth and if necessary drain oil and remove cover for closer inspection. CABLE INSTALLATION 1.