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  • 2nd Chinook Tribe reside opposite on the northwest side & in small villages & single houses made of split boards on a creek of Haley's Bay, and on small lakes or ponds at no great distance from the river or bay. Tolerably numerous - so said Chinook. 1st Chief is Stock-home 2d do Com-com-mo-ley 3 do Shil-lar-la-wit 4 do Nor-car-te 5 do Chin-ni-ni
In the United States today, the names Apache, Comanche, Chinook, Lakota, Cheyenne and Kiowa apply not only to Indian tribes but also to military helicopters. Add in the Black Hawk, named for a...

The Chinook tribes inhabit the salmon-rich lower Columbia river area in the Northwest culture region, in what is now upper Oregon and lower Washington state. As is evident from these texts, fishing was at the center of their culture, and they were also avid traders and gamblers.

chinook, warm, dry air mass that descends the eastern slopes of the U.S. and Canadian Rocky Mts. after having lost moisture by condensation over the western slopes. Chinooks occur mainly in winter. They sometimes replace the cold continental air mass over the western plains, causing rapid melting of snow and temperature increases as great as 40°F; (22°C;) within a few hours.
  • Once commonly known as the Yuma Indians, the Quechan Tribe has always lived in the Southwest's Colorado River Valley. It now resides in the Fort Yuma Reservation on the lower Colorado River in...
  • The Boeing Model 234 was the commercial derivative of the CH-47 family of Chinooks. First built for British Airways to carry passengers and cargo to offshore oil platforms in the North Sea, it incorporated many of the latest technological advances in aircraft development.
  • Chinook definition is - a member of an American Indian people of the north shore of the Columbia River at its mouth. plural Chinook or Chinooks. Definition of Chinook.

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    Colville Indians "Stick Indians" Skookum . Chinook Indian "Evil God of the Woods" Skukum . Quinault Indians "Devil of the Forest" Slalakums . Upper Stalo Indians "The Unknown" Sne nah . Okanogan Indian "Owl Woman" So'yoko . Hopi Indian . Not Available . Ste ye mah . Yakama Indian "Spirit hidden by woods" Steta'l . Puyallup/Nisqually Indian ...

    The road leading to life. Indians of the Chinook tribe "Teach us, show us the way"- is just a little picturesque episode of their works.

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    Chinook Indian Tribe, Inc., :.n the Federal Register on August 22, 1997 (62 FR 44714). The Department published a final determination to acknowledge the Chinook Indian Tribe/Chinook Nation in the Federal Register on January 9, 2001 (66 FR 1690). The Quinault Indian Nation requested reconsideration of the final determination before the Interior

    Apr 16, 2019 · The Army does want to buy the Block II upgrade for the Special Operations version of the Chinook, the MH-47G. It still plans to purchase 69 of those aircraft, with the first to be delivered next year.

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    Chinook tribal flag- symbolizing the southwest Washington tribe with a stylized Chinook salmon. Original Homeland The Chinook claimed the territory on the north side of Columbia River, Wash., from the mouth to Grays bay, a distance of about 15 miles, and north along the seacoast as far as the north part of Shoalwater bay, where they were met by the Chehalis.

    The Chinook, the tribe that greeted Lewis and Clark when the Corps of Discovery reached the mouth of the Columbia River in 1804, signed a treaty in the early 1850s that was never ratified by the federal government. Individual tribal members were ordered to move to the Quinault reservation, a move despised by members of both tribes.

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    Colour: SilverSize: 23mm x 13mm (approx. 7/8 inch x 1/2 inch)Fitting: The back is secured with a matching butterfly clasp.Material: Nickel plate badge with resin domePost and packaging is Free for UK customers only.

    Laughing Mountain Chinooks Welcome to Laughing Mountain Chinooks Located in Boulder, Colorado, Laughing Mountain Chinooks began in 2000, when we welcomed Zydeco, our first Chinook, into our family. Since then, we have enjoyed the unconditional love of many lovely Chinooks, three of whom still share our hearts and our home.

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    (ethnol.) one of a tribe of north american indians now living in the state of washington, noted for the custom of flattening their skulls. chinooks also called flathead indians 2. a warm westerly wind from the country of the chinooks, sometimes experienced on the slope of the rocky mountains, in montana and the adjacent territory.

    Jul 08, 2002 · The descendants of the first tribe to greet explorers Lewis and Clark to the Pacific Northwest do not deserve federal recognition, Assistant Secretary Neal McCaleb announced on Friday. Despite holding "a deep appreciation" for the Chinook Nation's place in history, McCaleb said the Washington tribe did not prove its existence.

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    chinook house Magical estate with window-walled, loft-like lodge presiding over gracious gardens and creek-fronted northwest woodland. A sleek, lush and private sanctuary, minutes from urban amenities and outdoor recreation, for eclectics and connoisseurs, dreamers and entertainers, nature lovers and history buffs.

    Blackfeet Nation (406) 338-7521 Chippewa Cree Tribe (406) 395-5705 Crow Nation (406) 638-3708 Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes (406) 675-2700 Fort Belknap Assiniboine & Gros Ventre Tribes (406) 353-2205 Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux Tribes (406) 768-2300 Little Shell Chippewa Tribe (406) 315-2400 Northern Cheyenne Tribe (406) 477-6284

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    Oct 19, 2020 · A new University of Washington and NOAA Fisheries study found that sea lions have the largest negative effect on early-arriving endangered Chinook salmon in the lower Columbia River. The results ...

    Skookum is a Chinook Jargon word that has historical use in the Pacific Northwest.It has a range of meanings, commonly associated with an English translation of "strong" or "monstrous".

The Chinook Byway is home to the state’s only destination alpine ski resort, Crystal Mountain. Come ski where the snow is deep and the terrain vast enough to keep even the most advanced skiers and snowboarders busy all season long.
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Chinook Jargon. Chinook Jargon is a trade language that was used extensively in the nineteenth century and first part of the twentieth century for communication between Europeans and First Nations people in much of the Pacific Northwest, including British Columbia.
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